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Alarm clocks for boys
For boys both big and small

Alarm clocks for children
Educational and fun

Alarm clocks for girls
Disney, High School Musical, Hannah Montana etc

Animal alarm clocks
Featuring animals, including animal noise alarm calls

Best selling alarm clocks
The ones you like the best

Car alarm clocks
Alarm clocks with a car theme

Character alarm clocks
Disney Pixar Cars, Thomas The Tank Engine, Sponge Bob, Transformers, Postman Pat, Spiderman etc

Doctor Who alarm clocks
From the cult hit TV show

Eco alarm clocks
Clocks that don't cost the earth

Famous people alarm clocks
Wake up with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis!

Football alarm clocks
Chelsea, Liverpool, Birmingham City etc

Gentle wakening alarm clocks
Don't wake with a start - ease gently out of the Land of Nod

I-pod and MP3 alarm clocks
Wake up to your favourite sounds

LEGO alarm clocks
For those who love those little plastic bricks

Light box alarm clocks
Wake up to a sunrise even on the darkest mornings

Light display alarm clocks
Bring some colour to dull mornings

Loud alarm clocks
Think you can sleep through anything - think again . . .

Naughty alarm clocks
Bring a bit of fun to the bedroom

Novelty alarm clocks
What do you get the person who has everything?

Projection alarm clocks
Alarm clocks with projection feature

Radio alarm clocks
Classical favourites to uber modern

Retro alarm clocks
Take a step back in time with these alarm clocks

Rock group / music alarm clocks
Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Ramones, Korn, etc

Sport alarm clocks
Alarm clocks for cricketers, golfers, wrestlers etc

Star Wars alarm clocks
Out of this world alarm clocks

Stylish alarm clocks
Alarm clocks with style

Talking alarm clocks
For those of you who prefer a friendly voice in the morning

Time teaching alarm clocks
Alarm clocks that also help teach kids the time

Traditional alarm clocks
A selection for the traditionalists

Travel alarm clocks
For those of you on the move!

Twin bell alarm clocks
Traditionally styled twin bell alarm clocks

Vibrating alarm clocks
Get a buzz in the morning - ideal for the deaf or for those who don't want to wake their partners

Time Projection Alarm Clocks
R2-D2 Star Wars Alarm Clock
Star Wars R2-D2 Projection Alarm Clock
If waking up beside a dumpy droid is good enough for Luke, it's good enough for you. This fully-licensed Artoo alarm clock also projects the time on to walls and ceilings

rrp £24.95
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Cars Lightning McQueen Alarm Clock
Get A Bump Start In The Morning From The Legendary Lightning McQueen
Perfect for all Disneys Car fans, the legendary Lightning McQueen himself has been immortalized in the form of a car shaped alarm clock with special time projection feature.
rrp £14.99
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Time Projection Alarm Clock
Time Projection Radio Alarm Clock
"Wake up to the sound of music with this alarm clock which also projects the time on to your ceiling or wall. Tune it to your favourite radio station and be woken softly by the DJ (DJ not included!).

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Sound Machine Radio Alarm Clock
Soundmachine Radio Alarm Clock
Easy to program alarm clock with time projector and "sounds of nature" feature. The sounds of the ocean, of a waterfall, of thunder, of the rain forest, a summer night and of rain have been digitally recorded letting you fall asleep imagining yourself under the stars.
rrp £22.99
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Time Projection Alarm Clock
Daylight Projection Alarm Clock
Everything and more you would expect from an alarm clock but with the added benefit of a time projection feature with an inbuilt light sensor which automatically adjusts the intensity of the display beam to suit the environment

rrp £89.99
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Football Projection Alarm Clock
Football Projection Alarm Clock
A football shaped alarm clock with LCD display which also features a red time projection. With a crescendo style alarm and light and snooze features. Batteries included.

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