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Alarm clocks for boys
For boys both big and small

Alarm clocks for children
Educational and fun

Alarm clocks for girls
Disney, High School Musical, Hannah Montana etc

Animal alarm clocks
Featuring animals, including animal noise alarm calls

Best selling alarm clocks
The ones you like the best

Car alarm clocks
Alarm clocks with a car theme

Character alarm clocks
Disney Pixar Cars, Thomas The Tank Engine, Sponge Bob, Transformers, Postman Pat, Spiderman etc

Doctor Who alarm clocks
From the cult hit TV show

Eco alarm clocks
Clocks that don't cost the earth

Famous people alarm clocks
Wake up with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis!

Football alarm clocks
Chelsea, Liverpool, Birmingham City etc

Gentle wakening alarm clocks
Don't wake with a start - ease gently out of the Land of Nod

I-pod and MP3 alarm clocks
Wake up to your favourite sounds

LEGO alarm clocks
For those who love those little plastic bricks

Light box alarm clocks
Wake up to a sunrise even on the darkest mornings

Light display alarm clocks
Bring some colour to dull mornings

Loud alarm clocks
Think you can sleep through anything - think again . . .

Naughty alarm clocks
Bring a bit of fun to the bedroom

Novelty alarm clocks
What do you get the person who has everything?

Projection alarm clocks
Alarm clocks with projection feature

Radio alarm clocks
Classical favourites to uber modern

Retro alarm clocks
Take a step back in time with these alarm clocks

Rock group / music alarm clocks
Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, Ramones, Korn, etc

Sport alarm clocks
Alarm clocks for cricketers, golfers, wrestlers etc

Star Wars alarm clocks
Out of this world alarm clocks

Stylish alarm clocks
Alarm clocks with style

Talking alarm clocks
For those of you who prefer a friendly voice in the morning

Time teaching alarm clocks
Alarm clocks that also help teach kids the time

Traditional alarm clocks
A selection for the traditionalists

Travel alarm clocks
For those of you on the move!

Twin bell alarm clocks
Traditionally styled twin bell alarm clocks

Vibrating alarm clocks
Get a buzz in the morning - ideal for the deaf or for those who don't want to wake their partners

Alarm Clocks For Girls

Zeon Smart Dog Alarm Clock
The V Tech Kidiminiz Virtual Pet Alarm Clock
Slobbery dogs and scratchy cats? Who needs them? Especially when you could own a Kidiminiz virtual pet instead.These helpful little scamps can even be used as an alarm clock. Set the time and they’ll wake you in the morning with a cheerful song! Try getting your cat to do that. . .
rrp £14.99
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Pony Alarm Clock
Pony Alarm Clock
A traditionally styled twin bell alarm clock with a lilac clock face featuring a horse and rider. This lovely childrens bedside alarm clock by Tyrrell Katz is the perfect alarm clock for any pony mad girl.

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Fairy Alarm Clock
Fairy Alarm Clock
A classic and pretty accessory for your little girl’s bedroom. Even fairies need to keep an eye on the time.
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High School Musical Alarm Clock
High School Musical Microphone Alarm Clock
Here's the alarm clock all High School Musical fans have been waiting for! A microphone with built in speaker and an alarm clock in one!
Bang On The Door Groovy Chick Alarm Clock
High School Musical Groove Box Alarm Clock
What better way to wake up in the morning than to your favourite High School Musical songs! This boom box alarm has a great light-up dial and fold out speakers, just set the alarm and wake up to genuine High School Musical tracks 'What Time is It?' and 'You Are the Music in Me'.

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Barbie Alarm Clock
Barbie Alarm Clock
An alarm clock, a radio and a night light. And even better- it's in PINK. What more could any little girl ask for?
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Barbie Alarm Clock
Barbie Projection Alarm Clock
This Barbie radio alarm clock will delight all Barbie fans with its flower-shaped night light, FM radio and large LCD screen
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Disney Princess Alarm Clock
Disney Princess Time Teacher Alarm Clock
An alarm clock crowned with twin bells with a printed face enabling all little princesses to tell the time.

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Disney Princess Alarm Clock
Disney Princess Alarm Clock
A crown topped alarm clock - ideal for little princesses everywhere!

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Hannah Montana Alarm Clock
Hannah Montana Alarm Clock And Watch
Gift Set

What can you buy for a Hannah Montana fan. How about this "On Time" gift set - an alarm clock and a watch featuring Miley Cyrus and her alter ego Hannah Montana.
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Hannah Montana Alarm Clock
Hannah Montana Microphone Alarm Clock
An alarm clock featuring Hannah Montana which also doubles as a microphone. Not only will it wake you up but you can use the microphone to wake everyone else up singing your very own rendition of Best of Both Worlds!
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